Subaru Ascent Comparison

Subaru Ascent vs The Competition

Shopping for any kind of vehicle requires several steps. Before you check out the great deals on the new 2021 Ascent here at our Subaru dealership and beginning our easy financing process, you'll want to make sure to research all your options for similarly styled vehicles. That's especially true for a midsized, three-row SUV like the new 2021 Subaru Ascent, which dominates a highly popular segment that presents you with plenty of options. To get you going, we're showing you how the new 2021 Ascent compares to a couple other highly popular three-row SUVs that you can find around northern Virginia.

With the new 2021 Ford Explorer and 2021 Honda Pilot available for northern Virginians, it's still the relatively new Ascent that stands out in this segment. See how the Ascent offers better tech, interior dimensions, the blend of efficiency and capabilities and has other high-end qualities that the new Pilot and Explorer can't match. From there, we'll be more than happy to start you off with a quick test drive in the new 2021 Ascent edition that catches your eye when you visit us here

2021 Subaru Ascent

2021 Ford Explorer

2021 Honda Pilot

Subaru Ascent vs Ford Explorer

  • The key advantage any Subaru has over its closest competitors is the standard all-wheel drive system, which already sets up the new Ascent as better than the new Explorer. Finding similar capabilities with the new Explorer's available 4x4 system means you have to opt for a costlier trim level edition.

  • Even with standard AWD, the new 2021 Subaru Ascent starts you off with a lower price than what the base-level of the new Explorer commands. That will leave you more wiggle room in your budget to add additional features or choose one of the top trims of the Ascent that will be far better-equipped than any version of the new Explorer.

  • Even with smaller exterior dimensions, the new Ascent is far more spacious inside than the Explorer, providing ample room for adult-sized passengers in all three rows, with plenty of space for your cargo. That's a key consideration for any SUV and with a three-row setup like the Ascent, you and your passengers will easily have enough room for all your travels.

  • The Subaru Ascent also comes with more standard safety features, with the Subaru EyeSight suite starting you off with forward collision mitigation, lane departure warning and much more, while you'll have to spend considerably more with a new Explorer for a similar setup of driver assistance technology.

Subaru Ascent vs Honda Pilot

  • Once again, the new 2021 Subaru Ascent proves to be the more cost-effective vehicle. This is based on its starting price, which is lower than the entry-level trim of the new 2021 Honda Pilot, and the fact that the Ascent comes with more standard features that would command added costs for its competitor to have a similar setup.

  • One of those starting level features in the new Ascent is the standard Subaru Symmetrical AWD system, which provides added layers of traction and control for an SUV that prioritizes safety. Adding the available AWD system in the new Honda Pilot will be a costly addition.

  • You also get more standard safety features in the new Ascent, with the standard Subaru EyeSight suite providing a bunch of driver aids like adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist and more, while the Pilot will command more money for a similar setup.

  • You'll find more cargo space in total with seats folded down, and roomier passenger dimensions in the new 2021 Ascent compared to what the Pilot offers inside. That's a considerably important factor when finding the right kind of SUV for all your family travels.