With the way car shopping has changed so much in just a few weeks, our Manassas, VA Subaru dealership has had to adjust how we do business. A huge part of that is bringing the test drive to you, provided you live nearby in northern Virginia. We're taking extra care to make sure any vehicle that has any level of human contact is completely cleaned and sanitized, so you can test drive a new Subaru with the utmost levels of confidence.



It's always been easy to schedule a test drive with our Manassas Subaru dealership, but now there are a few added details to include. We'll obviously need to know where to bring your potential new Subaru or the used car you're interested in test driving, and you can select times and dates during our open business hours. From there, you can take a test drive all on your own, to remain safely distant from our staff members who deliver the vehicle to your address.

In addition to making the buying process go completely online, we're also enhancing our dealership's cleaning and sanitization, practices that have always been priorities, but even more so these days. That means every vehicle we allow our customers to test drive are getting thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, as we try to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible.

Stay here online to shop or be in touch with Brown's Manassas Subaru today to get started.

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