Due to these unpredictable and often-scary times, you might be stuck at home more often than you typically would, with your Subaru or any other vehicle in your garage or driveway sitting idle on a regular basis. For folks who see the cup as half full, you might be happy with less money spend on gas, and a seemingly lesser need for auto maintenance and repairs. But as you car idles for long stretches of time, you'll still want to keep up on maintenance, with our Manassas, VA Subaru dealership's service center ready to take care of your ride at any time that works for you.

Just because you're not tacking on the miles like you normally would when commuting to work or taking long summer road trips doesn't mean you can let your car's maintenance needs go by the wayside. When sitting idle for periods of time without being used regularly, the fluids – like motor oil, transmission fluids and brake line fluids – in your Subaru or other car can go bad, so you'll want to make sure those get replenished at regular monthly intervals. See your Subaru's maintenance schedule in your owner's manual to know when you'll need a checkup, and schedule an appointment here in Manassas so we can handle your idling vehicle's needs.

Of course we also encourage you to take care of your car at home, even if you're using it less often. Make sure to start and run it every once in a while, and even get out of the house for your own sanity with a quick drive around the block. Also make sure to keep up on cleaning your car, whether it's washing the exterior or dusting off the surfaces inside. Anything like dust or dampness that accrues could wind up causing long-term damage, and keeping up on your vehicle's cleanliness will help to prevent that.

Your car might be idled, but its maintenance needs are still apparent, so schedule a service visit with Brown's Manassas Subaru today and we'll be happy to help you out.

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