Is a Traditional Subaru Model the Right Choice?

In an ever-evolving auto industry, slowly being dominated by electric cars and eventually self-driving vehicles, sometimes the classics are the way to go. Here at our Manassas, VA Subaru dealership, it's our collection of new Forester, Outback and Legacy models that still hold amazing appeal. And though we're tempted to call these reliable, safe, efficient and AWD-driven crossovers and sedans "classics," we know the Subaru brand has been around far longer, offering old-school cars like this looker.



As for the traditional Subaru models you'll find here in Manassas, it's updated styles and capabilities that you'll appreciate in this trio. Starting with our flagship Subaru Outback, you'll find a versatile way of driving around northern Virginia and beyond, with high-end safety, off-road capabilities and sensible efficiency. The new Subaru Forester is similar in those regards, all with a more traditional-looking SUV setup.

For better efficiency than those two crossovers, the new Subaru Legacy is one of the finest midsized sedans you'll find anywhere on the market. For these modern-day Subaru models, classic means standard AWD, the familiar design language with our badging and particularly with the front grilles, and a sense of adventure and excitement, all wrapped in a safe and sensible package.

Find a "classic" new Subaru today and enjoy safe and easy driving around northern Virginia and beyond. Visit Brown's Manassas Subaru right now and we'll happily get you started.

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